Design should be focused on

the betterment of people and and this world.


A little about me

Hello! I am an Industrial Designer by trade, who is highly passionate about all things design. However having battled and overcome two rounds of Leukemia I see life a little differently and consider myself a survivor and determined to make a positive mark. I am an avid, longboarder, traveler, husband, father, and wearer of many unique eyeglass frames.

I strive on being detail-oriented in my creativity and to see the little things. I focus on service design, human centered design, user experience, and the details.



Soft Goods


Set out to create a versatile travel backpack thoughtfully designed to be secure, comfortable and easy-to-use.

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Hard Goods


Through research of the ergonomics of wheelchairs, the every-day life of the wheelchair user, and the comfort and aesthetics of wheelchairs, we aimed to improve the overall quality of life for the wheelchair user.

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Having started my own bag company I failed and learned fast on what are the best practices for manufacturing, who to work with, where to source the best (quality, eco friendly, sustainable) materials, tariffs, duties, shipping, and a lot more. *Note that this is password protected for clients. Please reach out for access.

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UX Design

“I probably should have gotten a psychology degree for this”

A few projects related to UX and UI design. I have focused mostly in desktop but have also designed for mobile and mobile responsive. You will find work related to ecommerce platforms, coaching tools, and work closing related to UX Research. *Note that this is password protected for clients. Please reach out for access.

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“Question everything generally thought to be obvious.”

Dieter Rams



= Seeking human insights.

Design research informs and inspires your intuition. You need to have empathy and curiosity to truly learn about and understand someone.

Collaborated with Brands and Clients including:

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More details on current and past work.

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